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Bug#853855: di-utils: Kernel boot options containing a dot are not propagated to the installed system


Emmanuel Kasper, on Fri 03 Feb 2017 13:13:32 +0100, wrote:
> good catch
> virt-cat -a testing.build/testing.raw /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf
> # Local module settings
> # Created by the Debian installer
> options net ifnames=0

Ok... So to sum it up, there are options passed on the d-i kernel
command line that we should either:

- copy verbatim in the command line of the installed grub configuration
- set as module parameters

and we basically don't have an automatic way of choosing between them.

Just wondering: can't we just always do both?  I.e. remove the varnodot
check.  Sure that's ugly because then we have both the commandline and
the module, but to me it's the least horrifying solution.  And AIUI
that'd actually be needed if for instance with a new kernel release a
driver gets migrated from compiled-in to loadable module or vice-versa.

So, does it look too ugly?


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