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Bug#854822: installation-report: U-boot not correctly installed when partitioning with "Guided - use entire disk"


Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2017-02-10):
> when using the "Guided - use entire disk" option, partman by
> default clobbers the boot sector and the area after it (where
> u-boot is located) to make sure that there are no remains of old
> partition tables.  We have code in partman-base that disables
> this clobbering on systems of which we know that u-boot would be
> damaged (which includes systems based on Freescale SoCs such as
> your Cubox-i), but this doesn't work in your case as we currently
> only disable the clobbering for /dev/mmcblk0 while your SD card
> shows up as /dev/mmcblk1. I am not 100% sure about that, but IIRC
> with older kernels the SD card in the cubox-i has shown up as
> /dev/mmcblk0. 
> The relevant code in partman-base can be seen here:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/d-i/partman-base.git/tree/parted_server.c#n1377
> The easiest solution would be to check for /dev/mmcblk instead of
> /dev/mmcblk0. If nobody has objections against this change, I'll
> modify partman-base accordingly and upload a new version (CCing the
> partman-base uploaders Max Vozeler, Anton Zinoviev, Colin Watson and
> Christian Perrier and Kibi as the d-i release manager).

That seems like a fair approach, feel free to go ahead; thanks.


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