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Bug#820168: CONFIG_DRM_AST on arm64? (was: Bug#820168: debian-installer vs. MP30-AR0)

Hi Ronald,

Ronald Maas <ronaldjmaas@gmail.com> (2017-02-08):
> Good news. I was able to successfully install Stretch RC2 on the
> Gigabyte MP30-AR0 motherboard. Also the installer was able to
> recognize the network properly, so this bug and also bug 820022 can be
> closed.
> Attached the dmesg output for reference.

This is great news, thanks for following up.

> A minor issue remaining is that the AST2400 VGA adapter is not
> recognized out of the box. Serial console did work and I was also able
> to ssh into the machine after installation and reboot. Reason is
> CONFIG_DRM_AST is not set in the kernel configuration. Hope Debian
> kernel team could consider changing it to compile it as a module.

Looking at the current sid branch of linux.git:
| kibi@armor:~/debian-kernel/linux.git$ git grep CONFIG_DRM_AST
| debian/config/config:# CONFIG_DRM_AST is not set
| debian/config/kernelarch-powerpc/config-arch-64:CONFIG_DRM_AST=m
| debian/config/kernelarch-x86/config:CONFIG_DRM_AST=m

Kernel team, it seems it would make sense to enable this module as well
for arm64?


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