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Bug#854653: encourage users to generate strong passwords

reassign 854653 user-setup

Quoting Antoine Beaupre (anarcat@debian.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: wishlist
> After reflecting for a few days about password generation and writing
> an [article][1] about it, I was told the debian-installer may be a good
> place to encourage people to set strong passwords. In the d-i, we set
> one or three critically important passwords: the main user account
> and, optionnally, the root account and crypto passphrase. The latter
> password seems especially important to be cryptographically secure.

This is more or less #364526....

I don't merge the bugs as they're phrased differently but I think the
spirit is the same.....but in 11 years, it seems that nobody stepped
up to implement something..:-)

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