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Bug#854429: task-desktop: Please allow Wayland systems without X.Org

Package: task-desktop
Version: 3.39
Severity: wishlist
User: tails-dev@boum.org
Usertags: misc-reported


I'm using Wayland, and I would like to remove X.Org from my system.
I don't care much really, for my own use case: I can live with the
disk space cost. But once GNOME switches to Wayland by default in
Debian (uninformed guess: in Buster), perhaps we can trim down a bit
the (default) desktop installation images by not including X.Org
in there. Removing xorg, xserver-xorg and the packages automatically
installed because of them saves 8 MB on my system, so granted that's
not much and may not be worth the effort.

I see:

  $ aptitude why xorg
  i   task-gnome-desktop Depends task-desktop
  i A task-desktop       Depends xorg   

What can possibly go wrong™ if we replaced:

  Depends: tasksel (= 3.39), xorg, xserver-xorg-video-all, xserver-xorg-input-all, desktop-base

with something like:

  Depends: tasksel (= 3.39), xorg | wayland, xserver-xorg-video-all | wayland, xserver-xorg-input-all | wayland, desktop-base


FWIW, task-desktop seems to have no reverse-build-deps, so this should
not affect buildds (that don't prefer the first alternative) for
existing packages.


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