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Bug#852285: Wrong subject, the missing lib should be in multipath-udeb

Control: reassign -1 disk-detect
Control: retitle -1 disk-detect: tries to load obsolete dm-emc module


Allan Jacobsen <allan@linuxbutikken.dk> (2017-01-24):
> I looked into this a little more, and the missing lib should be in
> multipath-udeb, I have made a bugreport for this.

So that was reported as:
  #852431 -- installer broken: multipath-udeb depends on missing libmpathcmd.so.0

and fixed, that's why I'm stealing the bug report for the dm-emc part.

> The problem with dm-emc is easily fixed, patch is attached.

Yeah, that seems to be matching an old bug report in other components:

I think I'll go for removing dm-emc right away; we can add other things
if needed.


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