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Re: Bug#853809: unblock: e2fsprogs/1.43.4-2

On 01/02/17 04:48, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> Package: release.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
> Usertags: unblock
> Please unblock package e2fsprogs
> 1.43.4 is the new upstream version of e2fsprogs which fixes a RC bug
> (#840733: e2fsprogs contains non-free file).  n.b., the non-free file is
> only used in a regression test and isn't actually included in any
> binary.  There are also a number of important bug fixes that I'd really
> like to get into stretch.  See the debian changelog or [1] for more
> details.
> [1] http://e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net/e2fsprogs-release.html#1.43.4
> Note: there is a udeb involved since this will also require a d-i
> release manager unblock.  I'm unclear whether there is a separate
> process for requesting that particlar unblock.  Please advise.
> I just uploaded 1.43.4-2 to sid today, so it will be five days old when
> the Stretch Freeze hits.  So I'm filing this bug now as a heads up,
> since unless the release schedule slips, this isn't going to meet the
> mandatory 10 day delay which was announced in December.

This seems fine to me, unblocked. Cc'ing debian-boot@/Cyril for the udeb unblock.


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