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Bug#853990: Add prompt for iSCSI initiator name in installer

Kevin Otte <nivex@nivex.net> writes:

> Package: partman-iscsi
> Version: 44
> The installer should prompt for the desired iSCSI initiator name before
> starting the initiator. Many iSCSI targets require the specification of
> the IQN as part of their ACLs. It is useful for the administrator to be
> able to set this.
> I have included a patch based on Ubuntu's modifications to the package
> that appears to achieve this.

To be useful one also needs to change choose_partition/iscsi/do_option to call
iscsi_start() rather than iscsi-start, otherwise you're defining a
function that's never called.  Also, one needs to define
partman-iscsi/initiatorname in the template.  See:


(I was rather hoping I could pull this out of launchpad with
git-remote-bzr but I seem not to have got the incatations right -- I'll
give that another try to see if I can cherry-pick the relevant commits

BTW Is there a reason not to also pick up the removal of '-o update'
From the Ubuntu patch while we're about it?  We seem to have as recent
open-iscsi as ubuntu, so presumably also don't need that option.

I'd use a here document (<<"!EOF!" ...) rather than all the echos.

Also, the -n is superfluos, and is not in line with the [ "$RET" ] usage
in the rest of the file.

Does the /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi actually need to be only
readable by root?  Seems needlessly restrictive to me, but I don't use

Cheers, Phil.
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