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Bug#830951: Support usb dongles via usb-modeswitch and network-manager during installation

Le lundi, 26 décembre 2016, 14.42:08 h CET Pirate Praveen a écrit :
> I wanted to install using a Tata Photon mobile broadband, but it was not
> detected. Will this be addressed for stretch? (I have retitled the bug).

No. Not for stretch.

This needs at least usb-modeswitch{,-data} & pppd as udebs, and that's only to 
have the needed binaries in the d-i context.

Your best option is probably to start with a Live CD.

That's unfortunate, indeed, but it needs someone to work on that at the 
beginning of the development period, not its end (and I don't have bandwidth 
for that kind of work currently).


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