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Bug#849278: zapps USB somehow

Package: os-prober
Version: 1.71

With os-prober installed and then running update-grub and grub-install
all I know is after rebooting I couldn't use any USB stuff after Debian
started the main boot choice.

As I depend on a USB keyboard, the only way to regain control of my
computer again was to hit the power button, and upon reboot quickly pick
recovery mode from the grub menu.

If I just instead sit there my computer starts X windows and the only
way out is the power button.

No I don't know why but it must have to do with those eerie kernel
messages you see,

Attachment: grub-syslog.txt.gz
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Anyway I have now "aptitude purge"d os-prober and ran update-grub and
grub-install and now my computer is working again!

Yes there are a few less boot menu choices but it is worth it.

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