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Bug#846622: debootstrap: refers to log that is already deleted

Control: severity -1 normal


Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@debian.org> (2016-12-02):
> Here's a case. debootstrap operation has failed.

A reproducer would be welcome.

> Now debootstrap mentions to look at the logs to determine the cause
> of the failure. But this log file is inside the chroot. The same
> chroot that debootstrap removes as part of cleanup, because of the
> failure.

There's the --keep-debootstrap-dir option, to avoid the cleanup.

> So even before the user could act of the message, it is already
> deleted. debootstrap should put the log in an absolute path on the
> Host OS.

debootstrap's working inside a specific directory and not outside seems
like a reasonable approach to me, but I suspect the error message could
be a bit more helpful here.

See logic around $TARGET/var/log/bootstrap.log (cp/mv) in debootstrap.


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