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Bug#845401: debian-installer: auto=true not working

Control: tags -1 + unreproducible moreinfo


Andrey Yarkov, on Wed 23 Nov 2016 08:11:05 +0700, wrote:
> I added the following to kernel parameters on Jessie-8.6.0 official installation DVD-1
>     auto=true url=http://my.ip.addr.ess/preseed.cfg
> but I got asked keyboard or locale related questions anyway.
> Could it be that the delaying functionality got lost?

It just works fine for me.  I just booted the DVD image, got the
menu, pressed tab to get the kernel command line, typed auto=true,
and the installer booted and configured the network before asking
keyboard/locale questions.

How did you boot it *exactly*?


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