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Bug#845110: installation-report: Installation appears to be succesful


and thanks for your report.

Jeroen N. Witmond <jnw@xs4all.nl> (2016-11-20):
> Comments on installation report:
> https://d-i.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch05s04.html#submit-bug asks me
> to install the installation-report and reportbug packages but they
> already were installed. 

Maybe that could be reworded to mention that they can be pre-installed
but I doubt that's a huge issue.

> On the same page command reportbug installation-reports is wrong;
> should not have the final 's'.

The command is actually correct: installation-report is a package, while
installation-reports is a pseudo package which collects installation

> Perhaps I should take the next item elsewhere: Once installation is
> complete, I cannot find Apper, nor can I get Discover to install
> additional software.

I think it would be nice to file a separate bug report for that.


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