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Planning for d-i Stretch Alpha 9

Hi kernel team,


I've been busy on other topics and a few months happened between Stretch
Alpha 7 and Stretch Alpha 8. There were some hiccups when I tried to get
stuff in shape, so we ended up blocking quite a few packages in the
process, including the bump to linux 4.8.

As a side effect, lifting the block-udeb's right after the release
triggered linux's migration to testing, which immediately broke netboot
images… Of course, letting that happen or picking the new version and
hoping for the best was an easy choice: releasing with what had been
tested over the last few days seemed better…

[Actual question]

I'd like to know whether you already have some kind of planning for the
next ABI bump(s?) on the linux side, so that we could align further d-i
releases accordingly.

We have at least another regression in debian-installer (remote installs
were broken due to screen-related changes), in addition to the broken
netboot images, plus themes-related updates, so I think it would make
sense to release Stretch Alpha 9 in the near future; but we can of
course wait a bit if another ABI bump is due soon.

By the way, this will likely be the last Alpha. Given we've entered the
freeze, (winter and) RCs are coming.


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