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Bug#842040: Please add https support

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 8:18 AM, Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> wrote:
> On 12.11.2016 18:16, Josh Triplett wrote:
>> On Thu, 10 Nov 2016 01:14:33 -0800 Jose R R <Jose.r.r@metztli-it.com> wrote:
>>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 6:17 AM, Marga Manterola <marga@google.com> wrote:
>>>> Package: debian-installer
>>>> Severity: normal
>>>> The installer currently doesn't support downloading packages from https
>>>> mirrors, because busybox's wget doesn't support https.
>>> In order to add SSL support to BusyBox wget, itself to be used wih
>>> ssl_helper, I used matrixssl-3-4-2-open.tgz
>>> < http://www.matrixssl.org/ >
>>> to build my custom BusyBox udeb for my Reiser4-enabled Debian-Installer
>>> < https://sf.net/projects/debian-reiser4/ >
>>> No idea if suggestion fulfills bug need - just my 2 cents ;-)
>> Can you provide a link for your patches to busybox wget to add SSL
>> support?  That sounds like it'd substantially decrease size compared to
>> including GNU wget and supporting libraries.
> Unfortunately matrixssl isn't even in Debian at this point.
The official Debian maintainer(s) busybox source lacks a directory
that is upstream in the busybox official source.
For instance, for upstream busybox-1.25.1, the relevant path to *that*
directory is:


If we untar matrixssl-3-4-2-open.tgz , we get directory


copying ssl_helper directory into matrixssl-3-4-2-open/., we build
first matrixssl:


After successful build:

cd ssl_helper

./ssl_helper.sh  ## to compile and link the helper, thus

ssl_helper.c generates ssl_helper executable (and ssl_helper.o ? ;-)

To provide SSL-enabled busybox wget you only need the executable ssl_helper


Prior to building your busybox udeb

create a directory inside your 'official' Debian maintainers busybox
untarred source

mkdir --verbose -p _install/usr/bin

copy your generated executable ssl_helper into above directory, i.e.,

_install/usr/bin/ssl_helper   ##<== executable should be this and here

>From this dirty hack, *any* Debian-helper-generated busybox UDEB
should contain busybox SSL-enabled wget

Sorry, I am busy - but will try to create a patch for official Debian
source from git -- though I am not an official Debian maintainer.

sample from my reiser4 Debian-Installer (d-i):
< https://metztli.it/readOnlyEphemeral/busybox-udeb_1.22.0-19.1_amd64.udeb.SHA256SUM
># Text contents
< https://metztli.it/readOnlyEphemeral/busybox-udeb_1.22.0-19.1_amd64.udeb >

If above udeb link is downloaded locally, it may be expanded to analyze as:
dpkg -X busybox-udeb_1.22.0-19.1_amd64.udeb  tempDir

Happy hacking!

Best Professional Regards.

Jose R R
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