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Bug#844221: Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 8 release

Hello debootstrap people!

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 04:14:26PM +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Control: clone 843073 -1
> Control: reassign -1 debootstrap 1.0.85
> Control: retitle -1 debootstrap: Please revert merged-/usr by default as it breaks builds
> Control: severity -1 serious

I think this bug report would better be retitled "please drop the
non-usr-merged option" (and severity lowered to wishlist).

The real issue (in #843073) still exists and affects the archive as long
as a /single/ uploader has an usrmerged system. What the default is in
debootstrap is completely besides the point.

> Control: affects -1 dpkg-dev
> Control: severity 843073 wishlist

(As already mentioned above anything in debootstrap doesn't make the
843073 bug less severe. Downgrading that is a mistake in my view.)

The issue being discussed is only affecting non-usr-merged systems. I
think the real underlying problem here was making merged-usr vs
non-merged-usr an option. It seems everyone is reluctant to spending
time on the non-usr-merged path of things (which has no real reason to
exist at all except trying to avoid having opinionated discussions about
usrmerge). Simply dropping it and also making installing the usrmerge
package a requirement when upgrading to stretch would solve all issues
and hopefully save us all alot of time.
(If we need a random essential package to depend on the usrmerge package
to handle the upgrade path in stretch I can volunteer to add the
dependency in util-linux which is essential. We should likely also
document in the release notes that installing usrmerge as a pre-upgrade
step would be recommended.)

Andreas Henriksson

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