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Re: Default theme for Stretch

Aurélien COUDERC <zecoucou@free.fr> (2016-11-10):
> Is there any currently meaningful restriction remaining on the images
> color palette / depth for these different elements (rootskel-gtk,
> debian-installer) ?
> The wiki for the Debian theme proposals requirements mentions complicated things like :
> - Isolinux: 640x300px, 4bit color depth (means: 16 colors). View Make Sys Image.
> - Syslinux: 640x300px, 16bit color depth (means: 65,536 colors), in PNG format. 
> - Debian Installer
>       A picture with 800x75px, 16bit (65536 colors).
> But looking at recent packages, the PNG are just generated with
> rsvg-convert that produces plain 24-bit images.

I think we'll stay with this (the current conversion) for the time
being. That might explain why the gradients aren't too much good looking
depending on the virt-stuff used, or depending on the hardware, because
they get rather “sharp”, which maybe could have been prevented by using
a smaller color depth in the first place. But what do I know about that?

> A quick look at the iso boot menu or debian installer banner gradients
> tells that it’s not 16 bit / 65536 colors.
> Can you confirm we don’t need to keep these restrictions so we can
> update the requirements ?

I'd suggest keeping those under some kind of “old requirements, not
currently [$DATE] enforced” for reference, in case we need to reinstate
them. Or drop them entirely (we have a revision history right?) if you
feel confident enough.


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