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preseed & debian-installer-utils updates for checksumming


First, apologies for the timing on this, real-life has eaten all my time
of late, and when I had some time to spare the InRelease split bug threw
a spanner in the works.

Here are some patches that I've been failing to get into d-i for a
couple of releases -- it would be really nice to avoid making that 3


I'm pretty confident that this doesn't do anything unless you actually
try to enable the functionality by adding checksums to your preseeding,
or the -C option to preseed_fetch, and also providing the script to do
the lookups, so the chances of it impacting normal usage really ought to
be nonexistent.

So, is it OK to push that into master?  Is there a particular time that
would be better to do it, or to then release the udebs?

BTW It definitely works -- although I'm yet to test the hook for doing
lookups.  That should be tomorrow, and since the script is something
that one can (and currently must) provide via preseeding, I don't think
that can be a problem.

BTW Included in there is a commit that really _is_ needed before
release (updating the release name in the default preseed path):


Cheers, Phil.

P.S. I think this would be better if it were using SHA>=265, but we're
still on MD5SUM elsewhere in the code, so I guess that will need to wait.
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