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Bug#843130: debian-installer-launcher: Installer launcher doesn't load apt-cdrom-setup, causes offline GRUB install problem.

Package: debian-installer-launcher
Version: 19+deb8u1
Severity: important
Tags: d-i patch

Dear Maintainer,

debian-installer-launcher doesn't load apt-cdrom-setup for the live installer.
This is causing GRUB fail to install if no network connection is present,
since apt-setup is disabling all local sources after install.

Reproducible in: Debian Stable Live CD / DVD
Reproducible: Always

Steps to reproduce:

1- Start a VM or bare metal server without any network connection.
2- Boot a live Debian stable.
3- Install it via live environment.
4- GRUB packages will fail to install despite they're on the install medium.

Expected outcome
4a- GRUB is installed using the repository embedded into the ISO.

My research led me to the apt-cdrom-setup udeb, which is installed for
normal installs, but not for the live-installs, hence I patched the 
debian-installer-launcher to force-load it via anna.
< # Load apt-cdrom-setup to prevent offline GRUB installation problem
< d-i anna/choose_modules string apt-cdrom-setup

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