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Bug#842719: debian-installer: use Built-Using from kernel-image udebs to get linux version?

Source: debian-installer
Version: 20161031
Severity: important

Hi boot/kernel people,

The recent bugfix for Built-Using generation meant we moved from:
  linux-signed (= $LINUX_VERSION)

to the following:
  linux-signed (= $LINUX_SIGNED_VERSION)

as a first step, which was later changed to generate this instead:
  linux (= $LINUX_VERSION)

since that's where the code comes from. See code in:

The LINUX_VERSION lookup is approximate, since the udeb's version is
taken into account. It would be better to just rely on a Built-Using
field which would contain the right linux bits. This could probably be
added to the kernel-image-* udebs (instead of adding that to all kernel

Once that's done, build/Makefile in src:debian-installer can be modified
to take this into account, and the linux/linux-signed kludge mentioned
above can be removed.


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