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Re: Default theme for Stretch

Le 29 octobre 2016 15:54:37 GMT+02:00, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> a écrit :
>Aurélien COUDERC <zecoucou@free.fr> (2016-10-28):
>> Dear Maintainers,
>> I’ve committed some work for initial support of Soft Waves.
>> Currently ready is default Gnome wallpaper and lock screen, and
>> SDDM & Plasma wallpaper/lock screen that need to be set up manually.
>> I’ve also fixed several bugs that are pending upload.
>> Would someone please review my work and upload to experimental ?
>Hi Aurélien,
>Out of curiosity, are you going to propose patches for rootskel-gtk
>use in Debian Installer), or should I be working on that specific
>For reference, that's #793125.

Patch attached to the bug.

@Juliette I changed the banner a little to only use the Debian text in SVG form that you can find on the official logo page.

We cannot use the original font for packaging as it's non free and we don't want to depend on it for the build process of the theme packages.

Besides as mentioned here [1] the official logo uses a stretched (haha) version of the original font but we don't know exactly how much it's stretched.
So there's no real point in using the original font to get the exact rendering of the logo either.

If you want to add text to some of the visuals you should either use the Debian SVG or a font that is packaged in Debian. Check font-* packages in your favorite package manager.

When possible I'd avoid adding texts to the visuals as much as possible as the different tools using them are going to have their own fonts rendered on top of them anyway (ex grub menu, plymouth infos, login username/date…).

Also note that Debian is not only GNU/Linux. GNU/kFreeBSD is an official port, and there's also GNU/Hurd although it's not a release architecture [2].

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianLogo
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Debian_GNU


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