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partman-auto recipe for gpt+crypt+lvm, I could use some help, please


After some digging and a lot of attempts to get it right I am giving up.
Maybe you could help me a bit.

I'd like to have a recipe that would make partman-auto create:

1) EFI system partition (use an existing one if present, without formatting it),
2) /boot partition
3) a container partition for encrypted volume
4) leave several GiB at the end (optional)

Then, still as automatically as possible:

1) create and open the encrypted volume
2) create an lvm volume group with the encrypted volume as the only
physical volume,
3) create a root volume
4) create a swap volume
5) leave some free space (optional, "recommended" if it wasn't
posssible to leave free space before, see above)

I assume I may be asked for a passpharase to create the encrypted
volume. However, I would also be happy with providing some temporary
passphrase in the preseeding file and change it during the first boot.

If it's too hard for partman to handle I'd like to know if there is a
guide on creating one's own d-i modules (udeb) so I can write a script, less
universal yet better fitting my needs.

Kind regards,
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