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Success story in publishing, and more...

I asked my publishers what's the most interesting content they spend time on during flights and lots of them said:

 "Mike, these are success stories we can learn from and meaningful statistics".

So, in case you missed them, here is a bunch of interesting articles for the weekend read, selected by PressPad team for your conveniece. Enjoy!


We are...Success Story: "From Hobby to Real Business"

I was doing a market research and found out there is a need for this kind of publication, but soon enough it showed that people say they want something, but when it is finally available they start to say – well, I will think about it (...) Continue Reading »


look at this...

"Smartphone Apps Crushing Mobile Web Time"

Smartphone Apps Crushing Mobile Web Time App time swells to 86% of smartphone time. (by eMarketer) Continue Reading »

pure awesomeness"What Makes Smartphone Owners Download an App?"

What Makes Smartphone Owners Download an App? 13.0% of smartphone owners downloaded an app because it was featured by Apple or Google (by eMarketer)  Continue Reading »

Best Regards

Michael Opydo
CEO, PressPad




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