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Bug#839247: preseed: apt-setup/local[0-9] ignored if numbers are not consecutive

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20150422+deb8u4+b1


If one tries to configure apt through preseeding with several additional
repositories, all of them must have consecutive numbers, otherwise
everithing after a "gap" will be ignored.


d-i apt-setup/local0/repository string  <URL> <suite> <components>
d-i apt-setup/local0/comment string <comment>
d-i apt-setup/local0/key string <URL>

d-i apt-setup/local5/repository string  <URL> <suite> <components>
d-i apt-setup/local5/comment string <comment>
d-i apt-setup/local5/key string <URL>

In this example, the local5 repository will be missing from the
installed system, because there are no local1, local2, local3 and local4

Changing local5 with local1 will make it available in the installed system.

This prevents to arbitrarily include separate preseed files, for example
with auto-install/classes.


Raphaël Halimi

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