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Bug#767880: Reconfirmation

I just spent several hours trying to install 8.6.0 (released only a week ago) and this bug bit me in the butt.

I can also confirm that the standalone installer (not the live disk version) suffers from the same issue.

It caused me to waste several hours of time, and I only fixed the problem after those hours searching and stumbling and bumbling until I came across this (went through several other LVM bug reports and was about to file a new one).

I had only tried graphical installer (both live disk version and standalone, I had downloaded the latter at first but then got the live disk version in an attempt to troubleshoot), at no point in time did it work. I always was dropped to initramfs/busybox ash shell, which to my frustration didn't have the lvm, lvchange or vgchange commands that my googling indicated would be relevant to the problem at hand.

Only after trying a text install (identical everything, only difference was graphical vs text) everything works fine now and I am sending this from the new installation.

I would argue this severity should be bumped up a bit, because it's very easy for a new user to run into this issue and be utterly unable to solve it (and left with a useless disk to boot). Very easy steps: 1) Hear of Linux somehow 2) Decide to try "this Debian thing" 3) "Graphical installer, yes please, keep it simple" 4) "Encryption? Sounds great, based on what I hear in the news all the time!" then 5) system that won't boot with no solution in sight and a useless disk. New user: hates Linux and doesn't understand why people like it.

I'm just glad I finally stumbled upon the report here that the text installer at least works correctly.

Thanks for all your hard work Debian team.


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