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Re: Bug#836446: libc6-dev: depends on linux-libc-dev:$arch, breaking debootstrap

clone 836446 -1
reassign -1 debootstrap
retitle -1 debootstrap: doesn't support arch-qualified dependencies
affects -1 libc6-dev

On 2016-09-03 11:28, Sven Joachim wrote:
> Package: libc6-dev
> Version: 2.24-1
> Severity: important
> The fix for bug #834706 has the side effect that libc6-dev now depends
> on linux-libc-dev:$arch :
> ,----
> | $ apt-cache show libc6-dev | grep ^Depends
> | Depends: libc6 (= 2.24-1), libc-dev-bin (= 2.24-1), linux-libc-dev:i386 (>= 4.6.4-1)
> `----
> While dpkg and apt obviously don't have a problem with that, debootstrap
> cannot cope with it, and "debootstrap --variant=buildd" fails to even
> download linux-libc-dev.  See the attached log.

That's definitely a bug in debootstrap. In the future it's more and more
likely that we'll have arch-qualified dependencies in the bases packages,
so this has to be fixed. I am therefore cloning and reassigning the bug.

> Please clone/reassign to debootstrap as you see fit, but in any case it
> would be nice to remove the extraneous arch qualification in the
> dependency.

Note that arch qualification is automatically added by dpkg-query, so
we'll have to mangle the output.


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