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Bug#834974: Installation Report: Stretch Alpha 7 on Cubox-i4pro

On 2016-08-29, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Rainer Dorsch <ml@bokomoko.de> [2016-08-22 00:18]:
>> > Can you 1) attach /var/log/installer/syslog from the SD card and b)
>> > show the boot log (after the installer).
>> I attached the syslog. On the serial console, there was no output indicating 
>> any boot attempt. The installer shutdown for reboot, but then I did not see 
>> further output.
> The log suggests that flash-kernel was installed successfully, i.e.
> that a u-boot boot script was generated correctly.
> I don't know anything about this device so unfortunately I cannot help
> you.  Maybe Vagrant Cascadian knows something?

In the past, I've had issues on other boards where it failed if the
partitioning process zero'ed out the partition table. In my experience,
re-installing u-boot usually resolved the issue without having the

I'd be curious if you re-install and delete each partition individually
and re-create manually vs. using one of the auto-partitioning methods.

This is arguably where a u-boot-installer udeb would make some sense,
but for some boards there's a risk to brick the board(or at least
require re-installing a known-good version), so I've been hesitant to

This is somewhat related to:


As upgrading u-boot on most systems is essentially the same as
installing it.

live well,

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