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Re: Bug#835516: General: Incorrect permissions on /bin for Debian Jessie

> I did not know this Lintian tool used internally to verify the packages
> automatically. That's interesting. In the thread mentioned by Adam, Yves
> said that Lintian is used on testing and unstable, but he was not sure
> if it is also used to stable. Do you know if that's the case?

The automatic lintian checks here:


are only performed on the latest version of a given package...

> Because, if so, we could use this tool to automatically identify the
> existence of other packages that might cause problems on the
> permissions for the /bin directory.

... but nothing prevents anyone to run lintian (which is a program in
a package of the same name) on each and every of the packages in
stable (or only on the packages installed by default) and share the


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