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Re: Bug#834241: open-iscsi-udeb: uninstallable, depends on libmount1-udeb

Control: tags -1 + confirmed

(Cc'ing util-linux and selinux maintainers.)

On 08/13/2016 07:08 PM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> partman-iscsi and open-iscsi-udeb are no longer installable since the
> latter now depends on libmount1-udeb, which was dropped in 2014 (see
> https://bugs.debian.org/723168).
[ summary of #723168: libmount1-udeb was dropped because it
  had no rdep at that time, and it now depended on libselinux,
  which didn't have an udeb at the time and still doesn't ]

Yikes. I'm terribly sorry I didn't catch that. :-(

Note that libmount1-udeb is not explicitly listed as a
dependency, but added via substvars automatically. And since
libmount-dev needs to explicitly have the udeb in its shlibs,
once I saw the automatic dependency in the udeb, I assumed
that libmount1-udeb would just exist. (I think the udeb:
line in the shlibs file of libmount is still there, even
though the udeb was removed.)

The question is: what's the best fix for that?

 - libmount is now a hard dependency of open-iscsi. It's not
   critical functionality (it's a new safety feature to not
   log out of sessions that still have mounted file systems,
   which is not that important in a d-i environment), and I
   could easily patch it out. OTOH, I seriously doubt
   upstream will want to make libmount optional. (Especially
   since it's from util-linux, which is really a base

 - OTOH, this affects more than just one package

As a short term fix I could build open-iscsi twice, once
with and once without the libmount dependency. But I really
don't want to carry a Debian-specific patch that removes
libmount forever, so the proper solution would be to
coordinate with util-linux and selinux to have both of them
(selinux first) provide udebs for the libraries. (I doubt
that util-linux maintainers want to build util-linux twice

So I'd probably want to do the following:

 Step 1: build open-iscsi twice, once with libmount patched
         out (closing this bug)
 Step 2: file bugs against util-linux and libselinux to
         have them build udebs (I can provide patches)
 Step 3: make open-iscsi-udeb depend on libmount1-udeb again

Is that agreeable?


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