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"mirror does not support the specified release" message from choose-mirror

Searching the net I see everyone who has had this problem says it was a network problem. However, I can use wget at the 2nd  terminal and grab the Release file just fine. I have tried setting DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer and 5 and there is no further debug output.
Release has at the top:
Architectures: amd64 arm64
Codename: <ellided>
Suite: stable
We have an in house Debian version so it is not called 'jessie' or 'wheezy'. The right name is there. both /foo/dists/<name>/Release and /foo/dists/stable/Release work and are the same file.
I have to use a proxy. But, as stated above wget run manually once the installer stops to complain does in fact work.
It would be nice if choose-mirror would separate the downloading and the grepping so we could tell definitively what the issue is.
Where do I begin to track this down?
Thank you.

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