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Bug#833768: Fwd: Segfault while installing Stretch from PXE/network

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20160630

I'm getting segfault while installing Debian Stretch from network after PXE boot.
I'm not sure which package does it as console does not work after error.

After succefull PXE boot and answering d-i questions i'm getting the following error:

[!!] Partition disks
Failed to load installer component
Loading libc6-udeb failed for unknown reasons. Aborting.

Log (Alt-F4) has the following:

Aug   3: 15:31:59 anna-install: Installing partman-auto-lvm
Aug   3: 15:31:59 anna[5011]: DEBUG: retrieving libc6-udeb 2.23-4
Aug   3: 15:32:01 kernel:  [  208.419071] sh[5042]: segfault at 7f1438c5ac18 ip 00007f1438c5ac18 sp 00007fff80062f78 error 15

Any further actions make more segfaults. I.e., while trying to activate the console (Alt-F2):

Aug   3: 15:37:04 init: starting pid 177, tty '/dev/tty2': '-/bin/sh'
Aug   3: 15:37:04 init: process '-/bin/sh' (pid 177) exited. Scheduling for restart.
Aug   3: 15:37:04 kernel:  [  511.221570] sh[177]: segfault at 7f901fa44c18 ip 00007f901fa44c18 sp 00007fff83372358 error 15

PXE boot involved:

netboot.tar.gz official alpha7 release 2016-06-30

I cannot check weekly or daily builds netboot files dew to "choose-mirror" segfault (reported).

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