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Bug#833097: flash-kernel: should exist when DTB doesn't exist

Package: flash-kernel
Version: 3.68

At the moment, flash-kernel doesn't exit when the DTB doesn't exist.
It will print the DTB to be used but then not copy it.  That will
result in devices not being able to boot.

Ian, is there a reason why we *don't* want to exit?

Right now we have:

get_dtb_name() prints "DTB: $dtb_name"

handle_dtb() returns if there's no DTB.

If there's a DTB, handle_dtb() will call
        local dtb=$(find_dtb_file)

But then it only copies the DTB if the file exists:
        if [ -e "$dtb" ]; then
and there's no "else".

Surely if a DTB is specified ($dtb_name is not empty) we need the DTB
so there should be an

        error "Cannot find DTB file $dtb"

Is there a situation where we want to continue without the DTB file?

Martin Michlmayr

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