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Bug#809611: d-i fails to boot on HP mv2120

Here's an explanation of this problem.  I'll send another email with
instructions for users.

By default, the kernel is loaded to 0x0400000 and the ramdisk exactly
2 MB behind that location.  For some reason, it fails with stretch.
However, changing the load address to 0x0500000 or 0x0600000 makes it
work.  I don't think it's clear why since the ramdisk is still loaded
exactly 2 MB after the kernel.

The load address is in two u-boot configs: loadAddr and bootcmd.  We
adjust them to 0x0600000.  This is something the user has to do
manually.  I couldn't find a way to workaround the problem by changing
the installer or flash-kernel.

At the moment, debian-installer and mv2120-recovery-image use
0x01000000 as the load address.  This means the combined
kernel+ramdisk can only be 10 MB.  Let's change 0x01000000 to
0x01600000 to allow for a larger ramdisk.  Note that flash-kernel
already uses 0x01600000

Martin Michlmayr

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