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Bug#810301: merged /usr support for debootstrap

On Jul 05, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote:

> For those wondering (and AFAICT) it seems the only issue here is how to
> handle multilib, since multiarch is “hidden” below usr/lib (in
> usr/lib/<triplet> subdirectories).

> Actually, this means an architecture which isn't listed doesn't get
> extra paths, and /lib might be enough for some ports, e.g. arm64.
I do not expect that we will get any other multilib ports.

> It would seem a better idea to list all ports explicitly though.
Why? See above.

> > >  first_stage_install () {
> > > +	case $SUITE in
> > > +		etch|etch-m68k|jessie|lenny|squeeze|wheezy) ;;
> > > +		oldstable|stable) ;;
> > > +		*) setup_merged_usr ;;
> > 
> > This means “debootstrap stable” on stretch once it's released is going
> > to lead to different results compared to “debootstrap stretch”.
> That part remains to be fixed.
Yes, but how? The current stable cannot work with a merged /usr, so 
I expected that this would be changed just before stretch is released.


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