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Bug#830112: debian-installer: option to create encrypted disk not available in all install modes

Control: tag -1 - d-i


Gijs Hillenius <gijs@hillenius.net> (2016-07-06):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> Tags: d-i

(This tag is for non-d-i packages, removing.)

> Dear Maintainers,
> In the Debian 8.5 installer, I noticed that the option to create
> encrypted partitions is not available in the (first) install mode.

Should I read "text installer" here?

> It is also not available in the expert mode. However, it is available
> in the graphic installer.

Could you please specify the full URL to the image you're using? It
would avoid having to second guess what you're reporting a bug report
against (since in this particular case it might be image-specific).


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