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debian-8.5.0-amd64 installer is not compatible with with windows 10 home edition X 64 in UEFI mode

Dear core developers,
Latest stable installer is not compatible with Windows 10 Home edition X64 if The installer run in UEFI based system. It is inpossible to bypass it. Do YYou think, that it would be possible to solve this problem? Installer display warning, that Windows 10 and version number is not supported, we are working on The solution.

I deeply appreciate all core developers of Debian 64 bit installer. Because EFI and UEFI is really big problem for all nom Microsoft operating system. Dlls and machine code instruction file in efi folder do not allow to boot non Microsoft products. Do You think, that if i will install Debian to .vhd virtual harddisk, which will not be dynamic. That I can boot from this .vhd file? Or this is also not A solution. I do not like virtualisation, because Debian will never have access to 100% of available system resources. Sound is complicated managed by using Audioservice Windows service, some special kernel mode device .sys drivers must run to allow Debian touse Windows audio drivers ETC. If I can help You debug or test development installer, please tell me, which device should I use to debug. I use special OCR app to read on screen text. Or do You have to intesively communicate with Microsoft so they would give Yours module digital signature key, and it is not easy to negotiate with Microsoft about such thinks? Because UEFI and EFI have some complex advantages related to Windows virus protection. I have my installation for 5 months or more and I have not got AN virus. When I have run Windows 10 in MBR mode, there are many viruses even Avast run.

So UEFI and EFI is very probably not primarily focus against Linux. Or do I have wrong information?

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