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Re: Installation guide architecture table update

On Wed, 2016-06-29 at 14:38 +0200, Karsten Merker wrote:
> Hello,
> I have pushed some updates to the architecture table in the
> installation guide for stretch, based on the available flavors in the
> current kernel package builds, currently-built d-i targets, information
> in wiki.d.o and data from the architecture qualification status page
> (https://release.debian.org/stretch/arch_qualify.html). The result
> is available at:
> https://jenkins.debian.net/userContent/installation-guide/installation-guide-armhf/en/ch02s01.html#idm189
> I am not particularly familiar with the state of affairs on mips/mipsel
> and powerpc, so it would be nice if the mips/mipsel and powerpc porters
> could take a look and let me know if something is wrong or missing.
> I haven't listed mips64el in the table as it is not yet confirmed
> as a release architecture for Stretch on release.debian.org.
> For powerpc it would be nice to have some information about which kind
> of systems are still supported as the previously-existing pmac and prep
> flavors don't get built anymore.  Is CHRP the only remaining powerpc
> platform?

If I understand correctly, later Power Macs and IBM Power systems are
compatible with CHRP, and that is the only platform supported.  But I
don't think the term CHRP is widely understood so there is little point
in mentioning it.

However, there are separate powerpc and powerpc64 subarchitectures
because (if I remember correctly) 32-bit kernels won't run on 64-bit

> For mipsel, the kernel builds loongson-2e and loongson-2f flavors, but
> we don't seem to build any installer images for them.  I dimly remember
> having heard something about loongson-2 support being phased out - can
> somebody provide information on that?

Starting with Linux 4.7 we are not building kernels for them.

Also, there are no installer builds with the 5kc-malta kernel flavour, since the 4kc-malta flavour runs on all the same hardware.

You didn't ask about ARM and x86, but:

- On armel, kirkwood and orion5x are still separate subarchitectures
  even though they use the same kernel flavour
- On armhf, there is no armmp-lpae subarchitecture, because all
  hardware that can run the armmp-lpae kernel can also run the armmp
- On i386, there is a separate 'xen' subarchitecture for Xen PV
  domains, using the 686-pae kernel flavour



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