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Bug#793119: Debian Installer doesn't let me configure locale en_US + time zone UTC

On Tue, 21 Jul 2015 21:17:55 +0800 Alexander List <alex@list.priv.at>
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20150718
> Severity: normal
> Tags: d-i
> I just tried to setup a dev VM using this netinst ISO:
> debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso               2015-07-21 12:30  245M
> I *assume* it's version 20150718 as that predates the daily build by 3
> days and has been migrated to testing according to tracker.d.o.
> The problem:
> I am in a multinational, multi-language environment spread across the
> globe, where by convention servers are configured to en_US, timezone
> UTC. We use US keyboards no matter where on the planet we are.
> In earlier versions of d-i, there was a menu to select the time zone,
> and hitting "End" would get me to Etc/Utc which was at the bottom of
> the list.
> Now, in d-i, I select
> Language: English
> Country: United States
> Keymap: American English
> Then I enter the root password, user, username, password, and then
> have to configure the clock.
> The only options I have are Eastern, Central, Mountain, ... Samoa.
> Does that seriously mean people who configure a locale other than C in
> their system cannot set the clock to use UTC in d-i?
> Sounds like a rather severe limitation to me, and it's not obvious how
> to work around it but to fix it post installation ...
> And yes, I invested 15min googling the problem and didn't find an
> answer.
> FWIW, this difference also appears in Ubuntu 15.10 daily builds,
> where I noticed it first (15.04 doesn't have the problem). Today I
> reproduced it in Debian.
> Let me know if I can help.
> Alex

You need to change the debconf priority from the default of High to
Medium or Low. Note: this will then cause other steps to ask questions
you would not see in priority High. This can also be reached from the
boot menu as Advanced Options -> Expert install. This setting may
also be possible to access using a preseed file with something like:
d-i time/zone choice UTC

e.g. in configure clock, you'll see 
Set the clock using NTP?
Select your timezone.
This will offer the default as the zone appropriate for your choice of
language and locale, with the additional option of UTC.


Neil Williams

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