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Bug#823612: rescue-mode should mount /boot/efi if it's available

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2016-06-28):
> So, I've been pondering about this a little. At the moment, rescue
> just tends to mount the root filesystem and nothing else. Then the
> user is left to work out how to mount the rest of their system (if
> needed) on their own. I'm thinking we could/should improve this - once
> we've mounted the rootfs, we could offer to mount (likely-looking?)
> other filesystems from /etc/fstab. Maybe with a selection interface,
> and we automatically tag the likely ones?
> What do you think?

Your summary isn't entirely accurate: we already prompt when separate
boot is detected; we could elaborate on that for /boot/efi, which was
my initial point.


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