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Re: jessie won't install/boot on a Dell Poweredge R815

Don Armstrong wrote:

> The error would be useful to know. Most likely one or more of them
> dropped out of the array for some reason and you're booting off of one
> which has a lower event count and it won't assemble.
> But it could be any number of things.
> The output of mdadm --examine /dev/sd[abcdef]1; when md0 fails to
> assemble would also be useful.

In my case it is Dell OptiPlex 7xx - I have it under the desk for 2y now -
but it looks like it is 5y old.
When I looked into the drives they were detected but md disks seemed to be
messed and not easy recovarable.

What I observed that only raid0 was loaded but not raid1. After removing
raid0 and loading raid1 I was able to see at least the partitions of the
drives but I did not have time to go further, so as I had to do a lot in
the office and @home I just shut it down. I hope I'll have some time next
week to play with that. Good that I do not need a remote machine at the

I hope this helps


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