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Bug#827822: Poor error message in debootstrap invocation

Alex Gaynor <alex.gaynor@gmail.com> (2016-06-21):
> Package: debootstrap
> Severity: normal
> thanks
> If debootstrap is invoked like so: `sudo debootstrap jessie jessie
> --include=openssh-server` it errors out with `/usr/sbin/debootstrap: 314:
> set: Illegal option --`. The correct invocation is to move teh `--include`
> before `jessi`, but it'd be nice if a readable error message was emitted.
> (I'm using an older tutorial for invoking debootstrap which suggested the
> original invocation, I'm not sure if debootstrap's syntax has changed since
> then, or that post never worked)

Well. I can understand your point, but the manpage is rather clear about
options being listed first. Checking the manpage instead of random
tutorials might be a nice habit to have.


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