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Bug#827610: Debian Pure Blends installation menu unclear (Stretch)

Package: installation-reports cdrom
Version: Alpha 6 release
Tags: stretch


As a Debian Science end-user, I applaud the inclusion of Debian Pure
Blends in the installation menu. However, currently there is not
enough information (within the installer or the documentation) which
indicates what selecting one of these options actually does. For
instance, I am unsure whether selecting the “DebianScience Pure Blend”
option will install all 1397 packges in all Debian Science
metapackage. If this is the case, this is superfluous.

Suggestions were made in #758116 that it should prompt a menu on first
boot to select specific metapackages. Regardless of it’s actual
function, if we want users to utilize this feature, it is important to
have clear documentation on the Wiki (at minimum) which describes
specifically what these options do. I decided not to install the blend
out of concern it would install all 1397 packages. A thorough read of
installation guides, Wiki, and the #758116 failed to provide any

Thanks for any consideration, it would be wasteful to include this
feature and users never utilise it out of misunderstanding its

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