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Bug#825916: installation-reports: Installing Debian with AMD/ATI Radeon graphics card does not go well

> On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 12:34:08PM +0200, scootergrisen wrote:
Package: installation-reports
Severity: important

When i install Debian on computer with AMD/ATI Radeon graphics card it does no
go well.

After installation there is problem booting into the graphical desktop (GNOME)
because it needs firmware-linux-nonfree and other packages to it seems.

This is a big problem for a new user that wants to try Debian for the first
time and have no idea why the system cant start the graphical desktop and what
commands to type.

I would at least expect to be able to start the desktop into some low
resolution mode like in Windows where you can get into the desktop even though
you dont have the correct driver.

Then maybe the user is able to find information on the web/IRC to fix the

It might be helpful to specify which model of graphics card you have.

I think most cards do work in some basic mode without firmware.  Some are
a bit weird and the driver in X doesn't really know ahead of time which
ones that is.  I guess it could have better fallback handling in X if
the card fails with the first driver chosen.

It's ATI mobility radeon HD 5650 graphics 1 GB.

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