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Bug#798885: Boot problems after installation on new self-build computer.

My original post to this bug report may have confused the issue I had with the main kernel to the issue I had with the backports kernel. When I came back to the system at a later date the monitor was turning off when booting with a the jessie kernel while the storage problem was happening with the backports kernel.

The issue with the monitor seems to be graphics card related. I saw the same issue on a another machine where I had just upgraded the graphics card to a GTX 750 Ti. Some stuff I found online indicated that it was caused by the kernel's graphics card drivers incorrectly switching to the onboard graphics and could be fixed by disabling onboard graphics in the bios. That somewhat worked for the machine where I upgraded the graphics card but it did not work for the machine I filed this installation report for.

The workaround I found that did work was renaming /lib/modules/<kernel version>/kernel/drivers/gpu so the kernel couldn't load any graphics card drivers. This lead to a system that was usable but with the screen stuck in a low resoloution (IIRC 1024x768, I guess X was using the vesa driver).

The storage related issue seemed to go away with a newer backports kernel so I think we can consider that one resolved.

To get the display working in it's native resoloution I installed the nvidia binary driver.

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