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Bug#818481: installation-reports: Xen PV drivers not present in 32-bit installer kernel (but present in installed kernel)

On Fri, 2016-03-18 at 06:50 +0000, John Dilley wrote:
> Correct, I'm running the installer as a PVHVM domain (this is how
> XenServer supports Jessie onwards).
> I tried running the xen netboot image, but although it booted it then
> complained about a display issue, and didn't seem to bring up the
> disk, so it doesn't look like that is PVHVM compatible.

IMHO it should be, so whatever the display issue is is most likely a
bug somewhere which should be addressed.

> Would be good if the Xen drivers could be included in the 686 kernel,
> or if there was a Xen PVHVM compatible installer we could use
> (although a separate kernel may cause complications for CD installs).

IIRC the Xen PVHVM drivers in Linux are tied closely enough to the Xen
PV drivers that they cannot currently be enabled without PAE. Fixing
that would be one for the upstream Xen team I'm afraid, since I think
it will be non-trivial.


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