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Bug#818591: control: split and improve dependency handling for disk detection

Package: s390-dasd
Version: 0.0.35
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

To improve and provide a "guided" flow, split the harddrive
detection dependency for s390-dasd and s390-zfcp as follows:

- s390-dasd provides harddrive-detection-dasd
- s390-zfcp provides harddrive-detection-zfcp

The disk-detect package depends on
  -> harddrive-detection-dasd
  -> harddrive-detection-zfcp

and continues to provide the harddrive-detection.  With this split,
installation on mixed DASD and SCSI disks are possible.  Also move
the module before the disk-detect module in the Debian installer

See also the related Debian bug report #818586 for the disk-detect

As usual, I will attach a patch with changelog and bug information.

Thanks and kind regards,

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