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Installing on Samsung Ativ 500T

I'm trying to install on a Samsung Ativ 500T tablet with keyboard dock.
It has an Atom Z2670 processor.

- using the debian-8.3.0-i386-netinst image written to USB with
- quirk: when hitting F10 for the boot menu after power on, the tablet
only sees the USB stick every second boot or so... if it doesn't see it,
I go into the bios, exit without saving and then it sees it. Probably a
harmless timing issue.
- UEFI secure boot is off; there is no "legacy mode" in the BIOS (power
and volume buttons get to the BIOS as well as the F10 boot selection)
- The BIOS on this device is minimal: Info - Security (just TPM and
secure boot options) - Exit
- Grub loads fine
- selecting any install option (normal, advanced, graphical, etc.)
directly causes an almost immediate freeze, with the USB stick blinking
for a few seconds then stopping
- adding apci=off (and removing the -quiet) gives the usual textflood
and then the installer comes up (both text and graphical show correctly)
- the installer hangs immediately. Both graphical and text installers
don't take input (keyboard or mouse) any more. USB keyboard doesn't even
react to caps/num lock
- I've tried --vga=733 as well, no difference.

Here are some related Ubuntu install issues if that helps:

Any thoughts on what else to try? Is there an installer image with
--debug=insane that writes complete debug logs to the USB stick so I can
post them?


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