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Bug#818065: #818065 - console-setup does not work correctly

Anton Zinoviev schrieb/wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 01:23:20PM +0100, Thilo Six wrote:
>> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4,6K  2016-03-12 17:23 /etc/console-setup/cached_UTF-8_del.kmap.gz
>> But lately i found a file with *600* in there.
> Is this something reproducible?  Did you observe problems with console 
> configuration when there was a file with *600*?

Up to now this happend once. So i do not know how to reproduce this.
When it was 600 (one of those *.gz files) console did not catch up settings on
boot (font e.g.). After recreating it and then rebuild initramfs it was fine on
next reboot.

>> According to my own tests it is save to 'rm /etc/console-setup/*.gz'
> It is safe to 'rm /etc/console-setup/cached_*'.  These files can be 
> recreated by 'setupcon --save-only'.

Thanks. I take a note about this.

kind regards,


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