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Bug#817946: Installation of Debian 8.3 alongside another distro renders it unbootable

cpblpublic+debian@gmail.com writes:

> Package: installation-reports
> Version: 8.3
> Hello. I just installed Debian 8.3 in a partition alongside Ubuntu 15.10 
> on a Lenovo X230 Tablet.
> Everything goes okay, and it claims that it writing the boot record should 
> be safe and will preserve the Ubuntu 15.10 that it found.
> However, upon rebooting, Ubuntu no longer boots. Its graphical booting 
> sequence just hangs on the little logo with dots moving along.
> In the terminal 1 screen, the following errors are reported:
> tpm_tis  A TPM error (6) occurred atempting to read a pcr

OK, so that's failing to talk to the TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

I'm guessing (not having tried any of this) that the problem is that
Ubuntu had installed the secure boot shim and GRUB, and that stuff is
somehow needed for the TPM to work properly, and that having overwritten
that GRUB with Debian's, it won't work.

Depending on whether you're actually using the TPM for anything
important, you might be able to simply turn it off in the BIOS.

Otherwise, you'll presumably want to boot an Ubuntu live CD and
re-install at least GRUB, and perhaps the shim:


N.B. This is mostly guesswork based on the symptoms you describe.


As to fixing the problem (assuming that the cause is as I've guessed) we
should probably try to detect the presence of the shim and refrain from
installing Debian's grub until the user's seen a warning about being
about to break the bootability of the other system.

Cheers, Phil.
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