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Re: Install into subdirectory of existing file system?

On Sat, 2016-03-12 at 08:52 -0800, Jack Bates wrote:
> How do I coax Debian-Installer into installing into a subdirectory of
> an 
> existing file system?
> /dev/sda1 is an existing ext4 file system and I want to install into an 
> e.g. /stretch subdirectory of that file system.

This is not (AFAIK) something which d-i can do, and I don't think such
an arrangement would be directly bootable by Linux either (you'd need
some additional initramfs magic to boot with root in a subdirectory of
the root device).

If what you want is a chroot type thing then I think most people would
lean towards using debootstrap.


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